TCX Staten WP Boots


TCX Staten WP Boots

The original Chelsea boots were designed with elastic to secure the boots onto your feet instead of laces that could get caught in horse stirrups. Fast forward 100 years or so and TCX Staten Waterproof Boots are the fashionable option for riders of steel horses. Full grain leather with T-Dry waterproofing keeps your feet dry. A single side stretch panel matches the Chelsea boot style, but a zip closure helps keep the boot even more secure. Protection over the malleolus, toe and heel are an upgrade over the typical fashion focused Chelsea boots.

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  • Full grain cowhide construction
  • Waterproof T-Dry liner
  • Reinforced malleolus area, toe and heel
  • Lateral side zip with outer elasticated stretch panel
  • Ortholite® footbed
  • Easy on heel pull
  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • CE certified